Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What have we accomplished?

So far, we have settled on the business model, market sector, secured the domain, and defined a few basic features.

What do we need to do? Continue defining more features while avoiding feature creep. We could then move on to the actual UI and layout, including a logo. After that, we would need to define a clear marketing strategy.

Am I worried? Not much. The service fills an existing need while having the potential of tapping into a much larger market - if you can make people happy, you're going to win. So, what's that little bit of worry left? Marketing. I don't care if a business has the answer to a "need" shared by the entire United States - if people don't know about it, they can't use it.


Andrew said...

I'm curious how many people are involved with and what sort of background you have.

Robert said...


Only two people - myself and another internet entrepreneur here in Michigan. This is a *very early* stage startup; just past the idea phase.

As for background, there really isn't much to be said - this is one of my first ventures to progress beyond the idea stage. Everything else just seemed to snowball into something super complex.

Also, I know many Andrew's - care to share which one you are? :)