Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So far from the Valley (Silicon, that is)

Being so far away from Silicon Valley makes it hard to network out. It's a shame that some people won't network with someone solely based on the fact that they aren't in the "Valley" and can't make it to every tech conference for a face-to-face conversation... I've met some really cool people over the internet that I would consider to be "friends", even without ever meeting them. Talking via e-mail, AIM, or the phone is simply enough for me... In the age of telecommunication, does face-to-face conversations really matter all that much?

I'm not talking about an A-list celebrity or even a well known individual... It's usually the people who flaunt their LinkedIn profile with +500 connections but can't add someone because they haven't sat down and had coffee at the local Startbucks. I'm sorry, but I would never meet a random person without at least connecting with them at some level, be it phone, e-mail, or blogs.

I guess the world will remain small for some people... It really is a shame.

EDIT: I just want to add that this isn't directed towards anyone in particular... This is a general rant about the problems of connecting to people far away. If you live outside the Valley, you know what I mean.


Amateur Belly said...

You definitely need a face to face meeting to close the deal. It is very important.

I read an article saying how people who telecommute to work don't get promoted as often compare to people who physically show up to work.

Robert said...

In the context I'm speaking of, there really isn't a "deal" to close. I'm talking about the simple "get-to-know-someone" which usually precedes any sort of meeting.

In my opinion, communication should come before the "meeting". There should at least be some sort of objective; you should know the person at least a little bit.