Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I'm no Developer

I'm not a developer, I'm more on the business and innovation (UI) side of things (with some IT experience). That worries me, because I have no idea how long certain development tasks should take or what is or isn't possible. I'm the type of person that wants things to be done within a few weeks (depending on the project). Any longer than that without efficient communication, and I feel like things are falling apart. That doesn't mean things are going wrong, it just means that I have a personal shortfall :)

I'm sure this is a problem that plagues many startups... Most telecommute via the internet, so it's hard to gauge what exactly is being done on the other end of the line. We use Basecamp to keep each other up-to-date and track possible features, functionality, and things on the business side. Even with the most efficient communication possible, the waiting game is something that every startup has to go through -- it's just harder on some people (hint: me)


Daniyar said...

Hello Robert!
I'm no Developer too, with one start-up in past, I'm looking now an investor who could make investing. Could your answer how difficult to fund raise now in seed stage company in Valley? And maybe you can explain some paths to "Angel's"?

Robert said...

I'm not an expert in funding by any means. If you want VC funding, you're going to need traction (customers) to prove your concept.

If you're not that far yet, then angel funding might be your best option. I'm not too sure about 'paths to angels' - you just have to come across the right people.