Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mining Relationships

There are multiple ways to mine relationships... some of which have been largely untapped. One of the big ones, as mentioned by Tim O'Reilly, is the phone network and e-mail. By analyzing incoming and outgoing communication, a user's true network can be mapped out. A recent company profile on TechCrunch discusses a plug-in that works with Outlook Express. The plug-in analyzes messages and message content and maps out a user's network; however this is an enterprise product.

An even larger network can be built upon phone communication - particularly cellular phones. Building a basic Java application that analyzes incoming and outgoing messages, in addition to reporting statistics (perhaps via SMS or text-to-email?), would help build one of the largest real networks in the world. The cellular phone market is huge, just like the e-mail and instant messaging market.

I'm a truly interested in building the largest database of user-to-user relationships and building kick ass products on top... The best part? I want it to be open... I want people to be able to pull their network information (in XML format) and take it somewhere else if they would like.

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Phill Midwinter said...

interesting, this project sounds like you're giving everyone a social ranking on their place in the world, who'd want that?! What am i saying, everyone wants that.